Nine items to keep in your diabetes supply

A diabetes diagnosis brings along with it a host of products that are necessary for everyday life, such as glucose meters, test strips and lancets. But there is a whole world of other diabetes supply items available. These products might cater to a particular medical issue, offer new ways to control your blood sugar or simply make life easier.

Your diabetes supply: A crash course

You already know the basics, but what about those supplies you haven't encountered yet? Here is a short list of supplies that could make your day-to-day management easier.

  1. Ointments and creams. From a simple cream that moisturizes your fingertips to ointments that combat diabetic neuropathy, there are solutions out there for every issue diabetes might throw at you.
  2. Special socks and shoes. Walk your way into good health with the right shoes and socks. Look for shoes especially designed for those with diabetes, as well as socks with special features, such as no seams and wicking material.
  3. Carrying cases. You're going to need somewhere to put the glucose meter, medication and more. An attractive carrying case with plenty of space can become your best friend.
  4. Blood pressure monitors. Hypertension and diabetes often go hand-in-hand. Keep your heart health in mind with regular blood pressure checks at home.
  5. Medicine dispensers. Diabetes can come with many prescriptions. Keep them all straight with a medication dispenser or reminder that suits your lifestyle.
  6. Foot and leg massagers. Good circulation is very important to avoid diabetes foot problems. Massagers designed to increase circulation can be a good idea, but check with your doctor first.
  7. Medical jewelry. If there is an emergency, it helps to know others are aware of your diabetes diagnosis. This can prevent serious issues if you ever land in an emergency room and can't speak for yourself.
  8. Glucose tablets and gels. Carry these with you everywhere you go to treat hypoglycemia. Keep these quick-acting sugar sources in your car, your office, at various places in your house and even at a friend's house if you visit there often.
  9. At-home test kits. Though testing your A1C at home doesn't make up for a visit to the doctor, it can help you keep tabs on your blood sugars in between visits.

This list is just a snippet of diabetes supply items that can make your life easier. Take the time to explore the diabetes section in your local pharmacy or online to find even more supplies that can help you manage your diabetes.

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