Keep insulin cool while traveling with FRIO cases

Paddling the Amazon? Hiking Macchu Picchu? Don't let your diabetes hold you back from life's great adventures. Traveling with diabetes simply takes planning and the right supplies. FRIO Insulin Cooling Cases offer refrigeration to go, ensuring that your insulin stays at the right temperature throughout your trip.

Traveling with diabetes

The American Diabetes Association recommends travelers take the following precautions:

  1. Protect your insulin. If you plan to be out in the elements, protect your insulin with a cooling case. Insulin exposed to very hot or very cold temperatures can lose its effectiveness.
  2. Pack enough supplies. Pack twice as much medication and blood-testing supplies as you need, including insulin and extra syringes.
  3. Understand dosages. If you do run out of insulin during your journey, be aware of different dosage conventions abroad. You may need to purchase different syringes to adjust the dosage to your current prescription.

FRIO cooling cases: Insulin cooling on the go

FRIO cooling cases offer a handy alternative to the refrigerator. These small, portable cooling packs keep insulin cool for several days once activated. Simply immerse the pack in water for 5 to 10 minutes. The crystals in the wallet panel expand into a gel, which stays cold as it evaporates. Reactivate the pack again and again by submerging it in water again.

FRIO wallets keep insulin cool for at least 45 hours in a warm environment of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is five times as long as an ice pack--long enough for you to head out on a travel adventure. The pack itself is dry to the touch, and easily stowed in a backpack or purse. For adventurers heading into cold climates, the FRIO wallet insulates too.

Diabetes shouldn't keep you from living life to its fullest. FRIO wallets let you take your insulin to go, always at the right temperature. Manage your blood sugar levels on the road--or mountaintop, trekking trail, beach or high seas.

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