ClimaPak: a portable insulin temperature control solution

Where you go, so too does your insulin. Keeping insulin at a safe temperature is a continual worry, a worry that can follow you from a family outing to a recreational hike, the swim meet to a road trip. One company, Kewl Innovations, Inc.™ has introduced a possible solution to the insulin cooling problem with their new product, ClimaPak™.

ClimaPak is a portable, battery-powered device that monitors and regulates the temperature of stored insulin. It is designed to hold two vials, two pens or one pen and one vial to accommodate the user’s needs. It weighs 22 ounces and has a compact design—eight inches long by five inches wide.

Shayne O’Sullivan, Community Engagement Specialist at Kewl Innovations, generously spent some time providing us with additional information about ClimaPak.

What’s the genesis of ClimaPak?

The founder of Kewl Innovations has type 2 diabetes. He went out of town for a few days to attend a boat show. Upon arrival at his hotel, he was told there were no rooms available with refrigerators, even though he had requested one in advance. With his ice pack melted and no refrigerator in his room, he was without a place to either store his insulin or refreeze his ice pack. That's when the idea for ClimaPak was born.

ClimaPak Insulin Storage DeviceHow does ClimaPak work? What’s the technology behind the product?

ClimaPak uses an electrical current from the battery pack to direct thermal energy toward or away from the insulin stored inside. It transfers the heat away from the insulin and disperses it into the air. By reversing this process, ClimaPak is also capable of warming insulin in extremely cold environments. This comes in handy during outdoor activities in winter months, when insulin is exposed to freezing temperatures.

Why is ClimaPak unique in this product space? What makes it stand out from similar products?

There are no alternate solutions with the ability to provide the freedom and the performance that ClimaPak offers. Other insulin cooling solutions are extremely limited in that they require people to add an extra step to their diabetes management process. At Kewl Innovations, we believe people with diabetes have enough to worry about and shouldn’t have to think about freezing ice packs, packing an insulated bag or when they might have access to a refrigerator. ClimaPak is easy to use and discreet. With ClimaPak you always know the temperature of your insulin, and you're able to store it safely for longer periods of time than other solutions.

Any plans for different versions (e.g. “mini”) of the ClimaPak?

As far as a 'mini' ClimaPak goes, we're focusing on introducing the current design to the diabetes community first. When dealing with size, insulin capacity is our biggest challenge. As I mentioned earlier, the device needs to hold at least two vials of insulin or two insulin pens in order to meet most people's needs. We've done everything we can to cram all the necessary temperature control components around those two pens or vials.

With a price point of $199, that may be cost prohibitive for some people.

All of the research we've conducted suggests that people are very aware of the insulin cooling problem, and are not satisfied with the solutions currently available. ClimaPak uses advanced technology to offer consistent and long-lasting performance that other solutions (i.e. ice and gel packs) can't. The digital display provides a constant read-out of the temperature of your insulin and will even notify you with a visual and audio alarm if your insulin is reaching critical temperatures. Purchasing one is an investment that can save you time and effort, while providing peace of mind.

The ClimaPak will be available later this summer, how can a consumer place an order?

ClimaPak is available for pre-order on our website: www.kewlinnovations.com. For a limited time, we’re offering an exclusive discount to DiabetesMonitor.com readers. Simply enter the code ‘climapakdm’ to receive $25 off all orders placed by August 31, 2012.

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