BD Medical introduces Nano Pen Needle with PentaPoint Comfort

BD Medical, a segment of the medical technology company Becton, Dickinson and Co., has released a new insulin pen needle that's designed to deliver a more comfortable injection.

The firm described the BD Ultra-Fine Nano Pen Needle with PentaPoint Comfort as the shortest, thinnest insulin needle available globally, Today's Medical Developments reported. The manufacturer noted that the 5-bevel tip and 4 mm by 32 gauge size make the product less painful and easier to insert into the skin than the current 3-bevel needles. Further, the PentaPoint needle tip can decrease the force necessary to penetrate the skin by 23 percent compared to the 3-bevel ones.

The pain reduction the PentaPoint technology provides could alleviate the anxiety some children and adults with diabetes feel about needle sticks, according to BD's press release. BD noted that one-fifth to one-third of people with diabetes won't or don't like to give themselves insulin injections, and consequently, some periodically skip them. According to a survey by the American Association of Diabetes Educators, nearly half of people with diabetes would be more likely to administer their injections regularly if the process could be less painful.

Combined with one-handed injection techniques and flexible site rotation, the Nano Pen Needle could help patients keep on schedule with their therapy, noted Medical Devices Business Review.

"This will help enable patients to adopt and adhere more easily to the therapy regimens recommended to improve their outcomes," said Linda Tharby, president of BD Medical's Diabetes Care division.

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