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Doresa Banning

Novo Nordisk's insulin, Tresiba, close to European approval

Novo Nordisk, currently the world's largest producer of insulin, announced the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recently recommended approval of the long-acting Tresiba.

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Thinking about starting pump therapy? Scott has plenty to share; he's been using an insulin pump since the mid-1990s, back when his insulin pump didn't have a backlight or vibration alerts. Consider his five tips before you get started on your pump therapy.

Multiple daily injections (MDI) means using daily injections of insulin, instead of an insulin pump, to manage diabetes. Find out more about MDI from Ronnie, who shares nine tips for using the MDI system.

Did you know where you inject your insulin matters? That means you should know about insulin site injection rotation methods. Here are three points to remember when it comes to insulin injections.

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