Eight diabetic foot care accessories

Chronic foot wounds and the dreaded foot amputation are two of the most frightening complications of diabetes. Work to avoid the issue by taking good care of your feet on a daily basis. Indeed, a physical examination is the first step in proper diabetic foot care. Accessories, however, can make the process even easier.

Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list; your doctor may recommend other items to include in your foot care regimen.

  1. Telescoping foot mirror. A mirror with a long reach can help you see the bottom of your feet. This is important for daily checks of your feet, which can help you spot wounds, bruises, redness and other problems before they become serious.
  2. Long-handle shoe horn. Make putting on shoes easier with a shoe horn. The long handle means you don't have to struggle by bending down. A shoe horn can help ease your foot into the shoe, helping to prevent chafing or other injury.
  3. Foot care brush. This foot brush can be used in the shower to make certain the bottoms of your feet get clean. The soft bristles work their way between your toes to ensure not a speck of dirt is left. This might also come with a special soap to clean your feet.
  4. Cleansing solution. Wearing compression hose or socks can help improve circulation, but how do you keep them clean enough? A special cleansing solution designed for use on compression garments can go a long way toward keeping the garments clean and your feet fresh.
  5. Pumice stone. A pumice stone with a long handle can be perfect for removing dead skin and improving circulation in your feet. However, keep in mind that a pumice stone can be rough on your feet, so speak with your doctor before using it if you have any issues with numbness in your feet or toes.
  6. Moisturizing cream. This cream should be applied right after you have washed your feet. Use the cream on every part of your foot, but avoid getting it between your toes.
  7. Medicated powder. If you have athlete's foot or similar problems, your doctor might recommend a foot powder. Use this powder exactly as directed and for as long as necessary, even if it appears that the foot problem has healed.
  8. Foot massager. Increasing circulation in your feet can help ward off diabetes complications. Foot massagers or foot spas can make a big difference. Most of these can be used while you sit in the comfort of your favorite chair -- just flip a switch and let the massager do the rest.

Do your part to prevent diabetes complications by taking good care of your feet. Give them attention daily, and alert your doctor to anything out of the ordinary.

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