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Shannon Dauphin

Skidaddle Bags: Diabetes bags just got fashionable

When her child asked for a "happy bag" to carry her diabetes supplies in, Maria Lester found a way to help her daughter cope with diabetes -- and created a vibrant new company.

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Amy S. Mercer

Diabetes supplies seem to pile up through the years. Here, Amy shares her thoughts about her love/hate relationship with her supplies and discusses the ones she likes, including her Omnipod and glucose tabs.

Shannon Dauphin

The online market is growing leaps and bounds each day. Everywhere you turn, new online retailers are popping up. Here, Shannon shares some tips for staying safe when shopping online for diabetic supplies.

Karl Fendelander

Trying to cut down on the cost of your diabetes supplies? Did you know your diet can help? Here are four practical tips for saving money on your diabetic supplies.

Shannon Dauphin

When you're testing your blood sugars several times per day, it is easy for the number of used lancets to build up. Instead of throwing them in the trash, be sure to use a sharps container. Whether you purchase one or make one yourself, sharps containers help protect not only the environment but others from accidental injury.

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