Nonprofit diabetes organizations

In addition to professional organizations, hospitals, research institutes, think tanks, government programs and universities across the country, there are numerous nonprofit and charity organizations doing fantastic work at the community level. Whether fighting to raise money for diabetes research or sending a child with diabetes to summer camp, each of these organizations do their very best to impact the diabetes community in a very real, impactful way.

List of nonprofit diabetes organizations

Editor's Note: This list of nonprofits is not exhaustive and inclusion on this list does not represent support or endorsement of the organization. These links are provided for the benefit of our readers.

Adventures for the Cure

Alert Dogs, Inc. (501c3 Pending)

American Association of Kidney Patients

American Diabetes Association

American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad

Amputee Coalition of America

Aoki Diabetes Research Institute

Barton Center for Diabetes Education, Inc.

Behavioral Diabetes Institute

Camp Angels

Council for the Advancement of Diabetes Research and Education

Defeat Diabetes Foundation

Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation

Diabetes Education and Camping Association

Diabetes Hands Foundation

Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation

Diabetes Research Institute

Diabetes Sisters

Easter Seals Disability Service

Hanuman Medical Foundation



Jimmy Insulin

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

National Kidney Foundation

Pacific Medical Research Foundation

Partners & Peers for Diabetes Care

Racing Against Diabetes

Taking Control of Your Diabetes

Team Type 1

World Diabetes Foundation


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