International Diabetes Organizations

Diabetes is truly a global epidemic. According to the most recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 346 million people throughout the world have diabetes. WHO projects that number could double between 2005 and 2030. Prevention, awareness and research are three components of slowing the progress of diabetes.

Here is a list of international diabetes associations, societies, nonprofits and agencies that are working hard to make changes for the better.

List of international diabetes organizations

Editor's Note: This list is not comprehensive by any means. These links do not represent endorsement or support of the organizations and are only here for the benefit of our readers.

Diabetes Australia. Diabetes Australia works alongside health professionals, other diabetes organizations, researchers and educators to raise diabetes awareness, support diabetes research, develop public policy and administer the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS).

Austrian Diabetes Association. The Austrian Diabetes Association promotes diabetes research, advocates for public policy, raises diabetes awareness and serves as an intermediary between patients and Austrian health care professionals.

Flemish Diabetes Association (Belgium). The Flemish Diabetes Association promotes diabetes prevention and awareness, aims to improve the level of self-care in patients with diabetes and collaborates with numerous local health care organizations.

Association of Juvenile Diabetes (Brazil). The Association of Juvenile Diabetes (ADJ) strives to promote diabetes education among parents, the community and health care professionals. The organization works to promote juvenile diabetes awareness, offers educational activities for health care professionals and serves as an advocate for public policy changes regarding diabetes.

Canadian Diabetes Association. The Canadian Diabetes Association works to provide people with diabetes access to health care professionals and education services, serves as a diabetes advocate and supports diabetes research.

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of Chile. The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of Chile was formed in 1988 and now has over 5,500 members. The foundation supports juveniles with diabetes (and their families) through educational programs, workshops, family support sessions and more.

Diabetological Colombian Federation. The Diabetological Colombian Federation was founded in 1997, designed to bring together health care professionals, diabetes companies and education centers to improve the quality of life for individuals with diabetes in Colombia.

Croatian Diabetes Association. The Croatian Diabetes Association consists of 46 local associations that work throughout Croatia to advance and protect the rights of individuals with diabetes. The association hosts youth workshops, publishes educational materials and hosts a diabetes Congress that includes sports competitions.

Union of Diabetics of Czech Republic. The Union of Diabetics of Czech Republic was founded in 1990 and currently has 121 member organizations and nearly 12,000 members. It works to raise diabetes awareness and promote a better quality of life for individuals with diabetes in the Czech Republic.

Estonian Diabetes Association. The Estonian Diabetes Association aims to support individuals with diabetes by promoting positive public policy changes, hosting educational activities and raising diabetes awareness.

Finnish Diabetes Association. The Finnish Diabetes Association is a public patient and health organization that participates in public policy advocacy, supporting individuals with diabetes, as well as providing counseling and educational services for individuals with diabetes.

French Diabetics Association. The French Diabetics Association was founded in 1976 and has hundreds of local associations that promote diabetes awareness, support diabetes research and publishes a bi-monthly magazine called Balance.

German Diabetes Union. The German Diabetes Union offers articles and educational materials about living with diabetes.

Hellenic Diabetes Association (Greece). The Hellenic Diabetes Association was founded in 1975. A scientific nonprofit organization, it promotes both diabetes research and education. The association publishes the journal Diabetes News, organizes and hosts scientific events and currently has nearly 1,200 members.

Hong Kong Diabetes Federation. The Hong Kong Diabetes Federation was founded in 1996 and actively promotes diabetes awareness in Hong Kong. It distributes educational materials, offers support to patients with diabetes, offers health care worker training and advocates for diabetes research.

Icelandic Diabetic Association. The Icelandic Diabetic Association was established in 1971. The organization promotes diabetes education, provides social assistance for individuals with diabetes and publishes a magazine regularly about diabetes.

Diabetic Association of India. The Diabetic Association of India provides publications about diabetes, offers information about living with diabetes (e.g. foot care) and a search feature that allows individuals to locate a doctor to treat their diabetes.

Diabetes Federation of Ireland. The Diabetes Federation of Ireland was founded in 1967 and provides a range of services throughout Ireland including the following: patient support through a telephone hotline, educational materials, health education for patients, financial services, professional support and public awareness campaigns.

The Diabetes Association (Italy). The Diabetes Association promotes diabetes research and prevention, health care worker training and serves as an intermediary between patients and health care providers.

Japan Diabetes Society. Founded in 1958, the Japan Diabetes Society was officially incorporated in 1985. It publishes its own journal Tonyobyo ("Diabetes), organizes academic research programs and, in 1989, began a program to credential board certified diabetologists.

Korean Diabetes Association. The Korean Diabetes Association was founded in 1968. The association currently has approximately 3,000 registered members, including medical researchers, social workers, diabetes specialists, nutritionists and more. Additionally, the association has 35,000 general members, including patients.

Lithuanian Diabetes Association. The Lithuanian Diabetes Association works to improve the lives of individuals with diabetes by providing social support and raising awareness. Currently, the association has over 6,000 members.

Luxembourg Diabetes Association. The Luxembourg Diabetes Association has four goals: to advocate for individuals with diabetes, to provide education and support for people with diabetes and their families, to further diabetes prevention and offer social assistance for individuals with diabetes.

Maltese Diabetes Association (Malta). The Maltese Diabetes Association is a non-government organization that works to raise awareness of diabetes and promote diabetes prevention in Malta. It was founded in 1981 and currently has over 1,000 members.

Mexican Diabetes Federation. The Mexican Diabetes Federation is a nonprofit organization works to promote diabetes education and awareness. It is the governing body of the Mexican Association of Diabetes and has several offices throughout the country.

Netherlands Diabetes Association. The Netherlands Diabetes Association works to improve the quality of care and life for individuals with diabetes. The association offers volunteer care programs, a youth program (Sugar Kids Club) and publishes a magazine.

Diabetes New Zealand. Diabetes New Zealand is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1962. It supports 39 diabetes societies and over 14,000 members. It promotes public policy and acts as an advocate for individuals with diabetes.

Norwegian Diabetes Association. The Norwegian Diabetes Association has over 40,000 members as well as 138 local associations and 19 county associations. Founded in 1948, the association serves as a diabetes advocate and promotes diabetes research in Norway.

Diabetes Philippines. Diabetes Philippines has a goal to reduce the number of Filipinos with diabetes by 2020. Diabetes Philippines organizes educational workshops and conventions and has numerous PDA chapters throughout the country.

Polish Diabetes Association. The Polish Diabetes Association promotes public policy and legislative changes to better the lives of individuals of diabetes, provides legal and economic advice to its members and organizes educational sessions and camps.

Diabetic Association of Portugal. The Diabetic Association of Portugal is a health organization focused on furthering the rights of individuals with diabetes, improving patient care and promoting better diabetes research in Portugal.

Diabetic Society of Singapore. The Diabetic Society of Singapore is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the National Council of Social Service and the International Diabetes Federation. It promotes diabetes awareness through a variety of outreach programs, offers management and care programs and organizes educational public workshops.

Diabetes South Africa. Diabetes South Africa is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1969. IT currently has a national office (located in Johannesburg) as well as 8 branches throughout the country. The organization promotes diabetes education and awareness and advocates for better care and services for individuals with diabetes.

Spanish Diabetes Society (Spain). The Spanish Diabetes Society is a nonprofit organization that supports the prevention and treatment of diabetes. A scientific society, it promotes the training of health care professionals and greater research in the field.

Swedish Diabetes Association. The Swedish Diabetes Association currently has 96 local associations, 19 county associations and 24,000 members. The association works to improve the lives of individuals with diabetes by working at the community level.

Swiss Diabetes Society. Founded in 1957, the Swiss Diabetes Society now has approximately 19,000 members among its 19 regional diabetes societies.

Diabetes UK. Diabetes UK is a charity that campaigns on behalf of individuals with or at-risk of developing diabetes. The organization promotes diabetes awareness, works diligently for better diabetes services and advocates for diabetes research as well.

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