Scott K. Johnson

In this post, Scott pulls back the curtain on two of his worst diabetes habits, and they both involve food. Learn why he wants to share about his habits, what he is doing to deal with them, and how you can learn from his experiences.

George Simmons

The Diabetes Collective is happy to welcome our newest blogger, George Simmons. George is the author of Ninjabetic and is excited to share his story about life with diabetes on the Diabetes Collective.

Scott K. Johnson

This week's diabetes blog update includes posts from Six Until Me, Life with Diabetes, Canadian D-gal and more.

Roger Diez

Roger uses a stationary bike for his regular exercise. Find out why he uses a stationary bike and why it helps him stay consistent with his exercising schedule.

Scott K. Johnson

In this week's blog update, Scott shares posts from My son has diabetes, dLife, Our Diabetic Life, Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen and more.

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