Shannon Dauphin

Shannon experienced a glucose meter-go-round during her initial years of dealing with diabetes. She has tried nearly ever meter and test strip available, but finally settled on one meter that fit her needs. Keep reading to discover how Shannon chose her favorite glucose meter.


Scott K. Johnson

In this post to the Diabetes Collective, Scott shares three tips for exercising with type 1 diabetes. His tips should take some of the mystery out of exercising and controlling your blood sugars at the same time.

Ronnie Gregory

Ronnie Gregory is a man in transition. Struggling with a possible diabetes misdiagnosis--type 1 or type 2--Ronnie delves into his 14-year diabetes journey. Listen to his story as he fights to raise awareness about diabetes and its myriad issues.

Roger Diez

During the course of your diabetes management, there are times you are bound to have a lapse or two. Concentrate on developing good diabetes habits. Here, Roger shares insight into how he stays on track.

Roger Diez

In this post, Roger describes the beginning of his diabetes journey. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2008, Roger has made significant lifestyle changes to adjust not only to diabetes but to keep it under control as well. Learn more about Roger's story and how he hopes to share his experiences to help others through The Diabetes Collective.

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