Ronnie Gregory

Living with diabetes is difficult enough. Dealing with the misconceptions surrounding diabetes is even more challenging. Learn how Ronnie fights to change perceptions not only about the disease, but the people who have it.

Shannon Dauphin

Building trust and a family support system isn't always a piece of cake when it comes to diabetes. Learn how Shannon's family slowly learned to help her manage her diabetes.


Roger Diez

Indeed, living with type 2 diabetes is not easy and there are plenty of moving parts. But, with practice, you'll get the hang of things. In this blog post, Roger shares three things he does to make living with type 2 diabetes easier.


Scott K. Johnson

A diabetes diagnosis is life changing. Scott shares why connecting with others, including health care professionals and other individuals with diabetes, is a great first step.

Roger Diez

Being overweight is a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown losing weight can both help prevent diabetes as well as help individuals better manage their diabetes. Keep reading to learn about Roger's weight loss and how that helped him better manage his type 2 diabetes.

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