Scott K. Johnson

Today is day two of the 2012 diabetes blog week. Scott offers a post on the topic, One Great Thing. His great thing? Being resilient.

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DBlog Week 2012 has arrived. It runs from May 14 - May 20. Karen at Bitter~Sweet has again organized a great event with over 200 bloggers participating. Join us at The Diabetes Collective as we participate!

Shannon Dauphin

In this post, Shannon shares some positive words on dealing with a diabetes diagnosis. It is possible to move forward. Here's how.

Scott K. Johnson

Need help choosing an insulin pump? Unsure of where to start? In this post, Scott offers insight into what you should consider in an insulin pump (maximum meal bolus and insulin capacity) as well as shares his expert knowledge on dealing with sales reps.

Roger Diez

Having type 2 diabetes doesn't mean you can't drink alcohol, but it does mean you need to have your blood sugars under tight control before you reach for that glass of wine.

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