Shannon Dauphin

In this DBlog Week 2012 post, Shannon cuts through all of the nonsense to simply say, diabetes sucks. Keep reading to learn why.

Scott K. Johnson

Friday's topic for DBlog Week 2012 is "What Should They Know?" In this post, Scott shares why day-to-day life with diabetes is a delicate balance, like walking on a tightrope. Keep reading to find out what Scott does to keep his balance.

Shannon Dauphin

In her post for "One Thing to Improve," Wednesday's topic for DBlog Week 2012, Shannon shares her desire to become a diabetes advocate and to become more active in the diabetes community.

Roger Diez

In this Dblog Week 2012 post, Roger shares his thoughts on "One Great Thing." He has discovered a knack for helping others. Learn why.

Shannon Dauphin

In this blog post, Shannon shares her one great thing for diabetes blog week. What's her one great thing? Keep reading to find out.

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