Shannon Dauphin

There are the usual diabetic products--glucose meter, test strips, insulin pen, etc. In this post, Shannon discusses a list of diabetic products she takes with her everyday, a list of products that might surprise you.

Shannon Dauphin

Waiting for your diabetes test results can definitely challenge the nerves. Find out how Shannon changed her thinking about her results, which has made all the difference.

Roger Diez

In this blog post, Roger shares how we was able to stop using metformin to control his diabetes. It didn't happen overnight and took hard work. Learn more today.

Roger Diez

Sudden blood sugar spikes are all too common for individuals with diabetes. Learn how Roger deals with these spikes.

Roger Diez

Charlie Kimball, a professional race car driver, is Roger's diabetes hero. Why? Charlie also has type 1 diabetes. Keep reading to learn why Roger is such a big fan of Charlie.

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