Roger Diez

Keeping an eye on carbohydrate intake is important as it can help to better blood sugar control. But, it takes practice. Learn what Roger has done to watch over his carb intake.

Scott K. Johnson

In this post, learn how Scott is working to alter his eating habits to move away from a carbohydrate-heavy diet.

Roger Diez

Using a diabetes logbook can help you improve your diabetes management. Learn how recording medications, physical activity, diet information and blood glucose levels helps Roger keep his diabetes in check.

Scott K. Johnson

What is the Diabetes Online Community? How can you connect? How can you get support? Keep reading to learn more.

Scott K. Johnson

Acquisitions are a part of normal business these days.  Seeing news of an acquisition always makes me wonder if it is to support a idea, or to squash a competitor.  In the case of Johnson & Johnson grabbing Calibra Medical, their intentions seem pretty clear to me.

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