Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #8, October 26, 2012

Painting a picture of nonsense, where the logic of logical depends on your perspective.

Wil Dubois tells a familiar tale. But his storytelling skills and writing talent add so much flavor that you can't help but commiserate with him. Like arm wrestling with a giant, Wil engages in a battle with his insurance company. He's fighting their nonsense with evidence-backed logic, but isn't sure they're even listening.

LifeAfterDx -- Diabetes Uncensored

Sometimes we have to hack things to get what we're after.

Mike Durbin channels his inner MacGyver and finds a way to recover six weeks of blood sugar data from a broken blood glucose meter just in time for his doctor appointment. Paperclips and chewing gum for the win!

My Diabetic Heart

As much as we don't want to admit it, we need to pull the card sometimes.

Diabetes can knock us over once in a while. Scully had one of those days, and describes not only the low itself, but the lingering anchor around her neck. It's terribly hard to describe what a low feels like, and even harder to describe how you sometimes feel afterward. This post does justice to both.

Canadian D-Gal

105-mile bike ride through a desert with scorching temperatures, wind, mountains, and oh yeah, diabetes!

Jeff Mather participated in the 2012 JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes through Death Valley last weekend, and he totally rocked it. In this post, Jeff shares a few details from the ride including a bit on just what this ride meant to him. There are a bunch of great pictures with roads that seem to stretch on forever.

Jeff Mather's Dispatches

Another tale of the epic journey that is the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes through Death Valley.

Moira McCarthy is one of the most amazing people around, and she also took on the challenge of this incredible journey. We get the pleasure of traveling with her through her story of the event, what it all meant to her (and so many others), and how she's feeling now.

Despite Diabetes

A powerful post about recognizing the seriousness of diabetes and being well.

Kerri Sparling writes a great piece about the often conflicting pull between being fine and respecting all that diabetes is and involves. She does an absolutely impressive job of balancing both and communicating her feelings about what it means.

Six Until Me

It's no surprise that life with diabetes can be fertile ground for eating disorders.

Nicole Purcell shares a tough story that serves to help her cope, but her story also touches on some really important issues around diabetes and eating disorders. She has experienced the darkness and talks so openly about it. There is a world there that many don't know about, but we need to.

dLife Blogabetes

Bigfoot and diabetes? Yes, it is so! In fact, our favorite Sasquatch even fights with the Endo for enough test strips.

With a highly entertaining twist on typical diabetes blogging, Katy writes with a funny and entertaining style about trying to take care of her son's diabetes. In this post we hear news of a pretty big change in the whole diabetes management picture.

Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes

A mom talks of her family with diabetes, and the never-ending draw on their energy it demands.

Written by Tamara, mother to a young daughter with diabetes, and wife to her husband with diabetes, this post talks about the work that diabetes demands, and the constant effort required to manage it. Even through busy work schedules, grieving over recent losses, and being a busy mother, diabetes doesn't rest.

T1 Family

Hands on look at the new Dexcom G4.

Another great review post from Melissa gives us a closer look at the new Dexcom G4 CGM. Melissa loads her post up with some great pictures and commentary about her first 12 hours on the new system. As these new devices start to ship out, we're likely to see more reports from the field.

Sweetly Voiced

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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