Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #33

There is no greater challenge than pregnancy with diabetes.

Katie vents a bit (rightfully so) about an interaction with her OB/GYN about diabetes and pregnancy. This clinician didn't do her any favors, and was way less than encouraging.

Diabetic Advocate

Working through the fear of change and the unknown.

Cara takes us through her experiences in learning about advances in diabetes management, the hesitation to try new things, and the incredible power of real people and theirs stories. It's through people she knew that she became comfortable with insulin pumping.

Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute

Lessons learned from Frog and Toad?

Laddie writes a wonderful post about one of her favorite children's stories called "Cookies." In this story, two amphibian friends wrestle with the urge to eat a bunch of freshly baked cookies. Through the story, Laddie shares that removing temptation is the best solution for her.

Test Guess and Go

Old insulin pumps and learning through YouTube.

Zakary takes us through a day of Insulin Pump 101 class with her daughter. Her young soon-to-be insulin pumper was a bit ticked about not being able to hook up to her pump that day and took it upon herself to learn what she could on her own.

Raising Colorado

It was type 1 diabetes.

Kerri opens up and talks about an issue she's currently wrestling with. It's a fear we all have, but don't talk about very often. She is doing her part to change that. Diabetes complications happen, and they need to be talked about. It's not your fault, it's type 1 diabetes.

Six Until Me

A bunch of not-so-gentle reminders to get back to the gym.

Chris reflects on how recent travel has disrupted his workout routine, and how he's noticing increasingly disruptive changes in his blood sugars. These unkind reminders are a real buzz-kill when it comes to taking a little break from exercising.

A Consequence of Hypoglycemia

A heartbreaking post and a journey of hope.

Joanne gives us a peek into a heart-wrenching exchange between her and her daughter. At just shy of six years old this little angel is feeling the unrelenting pressure and exhaustion of diabetes. It's forced in her awareness that she should never know at such a young age.

Death of a Pancreas

A beautiful post on drowning out the diabetes noise.

Stephen explains why diabetes isn't a silent disease for the person living with it. It's quite the opposite, actually, with our heads being full of chaos, worry, numbers, calculations, and pressure. It's a straight-up echo chamber of chaos sometimes.

Happy Medium

Digging into the details and looking beyond the headlines.

With a great guest post on Diabetes Mine, Hope Warshaw urges us to take a closer look at an important study results shared at the recent ADA Scientific Sessions. Taking issue with some mainstream media headlines, she breaks it all down for us.

Diabetes Mine

Alpo dog food and Campbell's chunky soup.

Martin pulls out all the stops in this post about labels and how they influence our thinking. It's a brilliant post about what we hear and what we think, how we're treated and how we treat others. He covers a lot of ground, and it's well worth your time to read it.

Diabetically Speaking

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004. Follow Scott on Twitter @

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