Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #32

A tutorial that might help pump users.

Scott shares a tip that has worked well for him. It's called the "Super Bolus" and is something that John Walsh published some time ago. The concept seems complicated at first, but Scott does a great job explaining it. Might be worth a shot (no pun intended).

Rolling in the D

Bad news, good news.

Dolores and her husband had to deliver some news to their little guy with type 1 diabetes recently. One part of the news was disappointing, and the other was pretty awesome. I loved how the family used this opportunity to get him more engaged in his diabetes care.

Rantings of a T1 Mom

A unique infusion set safety feature.

Sarah gives us a very detailed and close-up view of the unique safety features in a new infusion set. This is aimed at helping users know if their infusion set has been dislodged, which usually results in pumping insulin into the air instead of your body. Looks like an interesting solution!

Being careful of our minds flipping the script on us.

Bob tells us about struggling to motivate himself to complete his daily walking goal, and during his struggle he saw a post on Facebook that sent his mind racing in a negative direction. Recognizing what was happening, he was able to redirect that into some positive motivation to get him through his goal.

T Minus Two

Important lessons in depression management.

It's unusual to feature the same blogger twice in a row, but Bob is spreading some critically important information in this post about depression and the seven lessons he's learned. It's a must-read for anyone who struggles with depression.

T Minus Two

A collection of the under-represented type 2 diabetes bloggers!

Bennet is really good at sharing news. In this post he's telling us about a new blog that features a handful of type 2 diabetes bloggers who are trying to get even more people with type 2 diabetes to share their stories.

Your Diabetes May Vary

The lows mess with her head even during sleep.

Karen takes us through a blow-by-blow replay of a weird dream that she had. It's fun because her dreams have all sorts of DOC characters in them, but it's disturbing because she's fighting with everybody. This dream has people breaking things and refusing to pay.

Bitter-Sweet Diabetes

Lots of questions on Glucagon kits and where to keep them.

Katy spurs an incredibly fruitful discussion about glucagon kits. It's marvelous to see such an active and diverse thread of comments around an issue that can be so confusing and worrisome. I think we all got a lot of good information from it!

Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes

Nine stories that diabetes ties together.

Cathy weaves a story through the perspectives of nine different people who all live with diabetes. She talks about how a medical device makes a difference for each and every one of them, and through these stories encourages us to step up and advocate for better tools.

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