Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #29

Frustrated by insurance, and rightfully so.

Karen tells us about a recent interaction with her insurance company where they tried to limit the number of test strips she could get -- even though she'd been through that game with them before. They get it straightened out, but they lost 33% somewhere.

Bitter Sweet Diabetes

A revelation gleaned after watching a classic movie.

Christina's daughter dips her toe into the diabetes blogging world with a guest post on her mom's blog. Painting a great comparison between the creatures in the flick and her diabetes. She's done a great job with this one, and it should have you nodding your head in agreement.

Stick With It Sugar

What a difference a shift in perspective can make.

Richard shares some diabetes history with us, including an image and vivid description of the tools he had to use when first diagnosed. Everything from sharpening and unclogging needles to boiling everything to sterilize it. We even hear about some syringe shrapnel!

Richard's Rambling Review

A budding journalist interviews Mary Poppins!

Hallie gives us a special surprise in the form of her daughter, Sweets, doing an interview with Mary Poppins! The show is a favorite of Hallie's and she was very excited to hear it was coming to their local theater. To make it even better, she learned the actress also has type 1 diabetes.

The Princess and the Pump

Fear dug its claws in during this scary low.

Amy writes about a fun trip with her daughter to the local Dairy Queen. Only partway there they were derailed by a terrifying low blood sugar. Amy was more than prepared, she thought, but diabetes decided to play by its own rules. Quick thinking and the help of a nearby friend helped pull them through.

Mom of an extra sweet insulin challenged girl

This little guy was asking some big questions.

The ice cream treat and some quality drive time presented the perfect scenario for Lea's little guy to talk about some of the things on his mind, including a big question about whether he did something to cause his diabetes. Lea handled it well, but that didn't ease the pain.


Words she wishes she could take back.

Katie remembers a time shortly after her brother was diagnosed where she poked some fun at him but it didn't go over well. It didn't take her own diagnosis, two years later, for her to regret it. She could tell right away that she had crossed a line.

Diabetic Advocate

What do they think? I know the whole story, but they don't.

Teri wonders what others think when her young son is feeling tired after a night of lows or highs, or when he has to miss a scouting event because she's hesitant to rely on another's care overnight, or any number of tolls that diabetes forces on them.

Type 1 Diabetes 365

She can't turn those in without raising a few eyebrows.

Jacquie shares a trick she used recently to keep track of some expense receipts. While she was able to hang on to the receipts, she didn't realize that her little trick would have some unintended consequences for those poor little receipts.

Typical Type 1

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004. Follow Scott on Twitter @https://twitter.com/scottkjohnson

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