Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #28

The memories that kids have.

Lorraine wants to make sure that Caleb knows that she wasn't the only one working hard and making sacrifices to take care of him. It's easy to see why he might think that, or why any of our kids might have one parent in mind for certain things. But Lorraine wants him to know the real deal.

This is Caleb

Seeing it in real life brings hope to a new level.

Moira tells us about meeting an old friend for lunch. This friend is enrolled in the Massachusetts General Hospital artificial pancreas study, and for this portion of the study she is wearing the equipment out in the real world (as opposed to being stuck in a hospital room).

Despite Diabetes

The real story of her depression, and the realization of what it takes to treat.

Bea bravely shares her story of depression. How it started, her ups and downs, the treatments, and finally the realization of what she needs to do to stay well for the long term. It's a moving post and one that many can relate to.

Cranky Pancreas

Boy, wouldn't these features be nice?

Katie starts off with a letter to her insulin pump and asks it for a few neat features. She covers everything from size and appearance and extra niceties from sounds to encouraging messages. It's a great list of ideas that we can all get behind!

Princess of Pavement

What do you think about your sleep as it relates to diabetes management?

Adam wanted to see if the amount (and quality) of his sleep affected his diabetes management, and his one man experiment shows some interesting information! He was surprised to find how important sleep is to blood sugar management, I think you will be too.

DiaTribe Issue 53

Possibly the most sensitive subject for us?

Melissa shares an experience she had that sent her home quivering in anger. An encounter with an individual at a meeting with a bunch of people very familiar with type 1 diabetes that just defies reason and makes this person seem like a real weirdo.

Sweetly Voiced

Times have changed, parents are paying the price.

Scott writes a post about diabetes management when he was growing up. The micromanagement we see today didn't exist. The micromanagement of today buys us a lot of flexibility and freedom, but there's a heavy price to pay, especially for parents.

Rolling in the D

A dreamer's gonna dream, right?

Instead of all the crazy things we hear from people who find out we have diabetes, Celine gives us a handful of things she wishes people would say! It's a great list of funny and encouraging things, and it's sure to put a smile on your face.

Running on Carbs

You could help put an astronaut with type 1 diabetes into space.

You can't help but feel this brave soul is destined to change the landscape of manned space flight with type 1 diabetes when you read about all of the little connections that lined up for April. In a world of isolation, she found not one, but two immediate connections to type 1.

Nerdy April's Space Adventures

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004. Follow Scott on Twitter @scottkjohnson.

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