Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #27

A moving tale of how it all started.

Christel is a gifted storyteller. When telling a story that's hard to share her talent shines like the sun. It started innocently enough, but before long the price was too much to pay. Not even knowing there was a name for it, or help available, she was buying beauty with her life.

The Perfect D

Joy and responsibility, a balance that made her think.

Alanna celebrates buying a house, but also has to put some thought towards the long-term responsibility she's signing for. It seems quite unfair that diabetes gets to rain on this moment for her, and that realization hit her hard and made her consider some things we'd rather not.

Life on T1

These are not the all-nighters she remembers!

Reflecting on some of the crazy times in her teen years, college days, and time in the air force, Christina compares the all-nighters of those days to the long nights she puts in as a D-Mom. Sacrificing her sleep and a bit of her sanity, she does what she has to for her kids.

Stick With It Sugar

Pulling back the curtain to show the world what it's like.

Melissa talks about why she blogs and draws some fantastic comparisons and likenesses to her role as a mother and a voice teacher. She talks about why the world needs to see our struggle, and that she hopes to show some of the work that goes into making diabetes look doable.

Sweetly Voiced

Does it really come down to the data?

Or is it what we actually do with the data? Scott shares an excellent post from The Atlantic, and starts asking some tough questions about what to do next. He also asks about the context of these points of information that often get lost along the way.

Strangely Diabetic

Do you struggle with routine blood draws, too?

Rachel doesn't like her routine blood draws. That's probably putting it mildly. But she's taken this aversion to lab work and created a wonderful list of tips and tricks for other people who feel the same way! She put a bunch of these ideas into practice for her latest lab visit, and says it went great.


Does the amount of sleep you get affect your blood sugar management?

Adam put this question to the test and shares his observations in this article from DiaTribe. He talks about staying very consistent with his diet and exercise to isolate the sleep variable over a month, and he saw some surprising results.

DiaTribe Issue 53

A link to something you may not have known about.

While we're on the subject of sleep, George recently found out that he has a problem with it. Undergoing a sleep study for two consecutive nights, they're on the right track to fixing him up. In this post he goes into detail about what they found, and why it's important.


Five things she wishes they knew about type 1 diabetes.

Katie shares a handful of things about type 1 diabetes that she wishes people understood. But more than just a list, each thing has either a story or some expanded thoughts about them. I think you'll agree that she hit the nail right on the head on all of them.

Diabetic Advocate

The first exposure to the scary list of possibilities.

Kim writes about a recent visit to one of the doctors on her pregnancy care team where there were some detailed discussions about some of the scary complications of a pregnancy with diabetes. The discussions left her husband reeling a bit but they decide together to focus on the greatest "what if" of all.

Texting My Pancreas

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004. Follow Scott on Twitter @scotkjohnson.

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