Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #25

Do you consider diabetes to be a disability?

Michael wrestles with that question while taking care of a marathon registration form. It's a great post that shows that perception plays a key role in how that question is answered. We also get a glimpse of a seemingly hesitant doctor listing a disability on the form of a very fit and healthy man.

A Sweet Life

The perfection and precision of a functioning pancreas.

In a post that starts out talking about the beautifully perfect functioning pancreas, Nicole tells a terrifying tale about accidentally giving her daughter too much insulin. It's a mistake that is all-too-easy to make, and quickly took her from battling highs to battling lows.

The We Cara Lot Blog

Taking March Madness to the next level!

Ryan has a wonderfully fun idea! He's adapted the common "March Madness" basketball tournament bracket to be totally diabetes related! Just like the real tourney, the bottom seeds have some really tough opponents! Head over to cast your vote!

The Diabetic Cyclist

An inside perspective on some of the artificial pancreas work.

Insulin Nation shares a great interview with Dr. Aaron Kowalski, VP of Treatment Therapies at JDRF. This interview focuses on Dr. Kowalski's thoughts on some of the artificial pancreas work happening now and why he's so enthusiastic for it.

Insulin Nation

Did you know people with diabetes are more prone to have sleep apnea?

George recently found out that the quality of his sleep, the condition of his heart, and his diabetes may have a closer relationship than he knew. Following up on a prior test, he went through a two-night sleep study and found that he would benefit from CPAP therapy.


Wrestling matches in the middle of the night.

Meri takes us through a late-night BG check on one of her sons. Reacting to the violent invasion of the lancing device, he starts to fight against her, trying to pull his hand free and away from the pain. But she's no rookie, and is ready for his every move.

Our Diabetic Life

Here's some serious art therapy!

We're doubling up on Meri this week because her drawings in this post are sure to make you grin. She gives us a comic book rendition of what her day consists of, including poking her kids, magically knowing carb counts for unseen food, and constantly having her cell phone nearby.

Our Diabetic Life

A story of pregnancy, diabetes, and a hard-fought baby girl.

Christel exudes quiet courage by opening up and showing us the scars she gained while working towards having a baby. It's brilliantly written, and takes you through many different emotions. Some more than once. It's a tale worth reading no matter who you are.

The Perfect D

What's the recipe for a diabetes superhero?

Stephen might have just the formula for you. In his entry for the DSMA Blog Carnival, he shares not only his actual superhero, but also the method by which he created him/her. Given the ingredients, you might be surprised by what he found.

Happy Medium

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004. Follow Scott on Twitter @scottkjohnson.

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