Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #23

Sharing tools she uses for her and her daughter.

Heather says that she likes to transform information into visual form when she's struggling to understand it, and through that exercise she has created a wonderful list of scenario-based flowcharts. She's sharing her latest revisions -- take a look!

Insulin Resilience

Wish that we could all be as lucky!

George has an incredible doctor. He's been through his share of bad ones, but has stumbled onto a miracle with this one. It's such a treat reading about a doctor and patient with a real relationship. It's a luxury that many of us have never experienced.


Looking for help in all the right places?

James and his family need some help. They are struggling with the menu items routinely served at some local gatherings, and are looking for ways to deal with it without being either socially awkward or making their child with diabetes feel unusual.

A Sweet Life

A sword that cuts both ways.

Chris is obsessed with the data his Dexcom provides. Either worried about it being inaccurate, or seeing perceived inadequacies through accurate data, it's a lot to handle. There's something to be said about such technology and information, and more to be said about the mind games we play with it.

A Consequence of Hypoglycemia

What do marbles and oxbows have in common?

Bob is working to send his marbles rolling down new grooves, particularly around his food and exercise habits. He paints powerful visuals for our established habits and the work it will take to establish new ones.

T Minus Two

A low that shook the world, but not loud enough.

Martin tells the tale of a nasty low blood sugar he had recently. He takes us through every little detail, and we experience the absolute terror from his perspective. The knowing, yet not knowing. The urging, yet not being able to. It's a must-read post.

Diabetically Speaking

Quietly displaying the strength we all have.

Moira's post about an experience with her daughter covers a lot of ground. Fighting through agonizing highs to accomplish an important mission, her daughter is strong in the face of diabetes doing it's best to spoil her day.

Despite Diabetes

Sometimes the reason a blog starts hurts a little bit.

She is a voice that has existed behind the scenes for many years, and is the reason blogs like Ninjabetic exist today. In a timely announcement, she reveals that she is starting a blog of her own, and the we couldn't be happier!

The Perfect D

A smile from a number higher than normal?

Karen shares a cute story (and an equally cute picture) about questioning the diet soda she was served. Leaning on stories heard through the diabetes online community, she put it to the test.


About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004. Follow Scott on Twitter @scottkjohnson.

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