Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #20

Diabetes gives this young man a reason.

Bridget writes a post about her son's mortality, him having to process that at a very young age, and how that makes him feel. I don't know how she pulled it off, but it's a post that is heavy, yet full of hope and power. He has a mission in life, and isn't slowing down for diabetes.

Bridget Writes

From problem patients to lifetime lessons.

Wendy shares an incredibly powerful story of a patient she dreaded seeing when she was a young nurse. It's a powerful story, and one that us reflect on just how demanding diabetes is and how involved our loved ones need to be when we're young.

Candy Hearts

Who will bring you back safely from a low? Are they reliable? Not necessarily.

Melissa pens a heartfelt post about her fear of lows, especially when watching her two little ones. In this post, she overcomes the often crippling fear and takes her babies to the zoo and talks about what a big step it was.

Sweetly Voiced

The good and the bad, diabetes and veterinary clinics.

Hallie talks about a recent win around managing diabetes and her daughter's gymnastics, which is also where she overheard a discussion that left her troubled. It was probably meant innocently enough, but it's hard to hear about it when diabetes is so close.

The Princess and the Pump

What's the difference between pushing buttons and pushing needles?

Reva paints the perfect description of the difference between automatic inserters (for things like infusion sets and sensors) and manually pushing the needle in. It may not seem like much, but the two scenarios are worlds apart for many of us.

Type ONEderful

The courage to tell a story that hurts, but is familiar to so many.

Alanna bears her soul and tells us about parts of herself and her past that she'd rather not share. But in doing so, she's helping a lot of people. Diabetes burnout is a fact of life with diabetes, and nobody should feel that they are the only one.

Life on T1

One man's tool to soothe brings others to a better place, too.

Bob breathes positive energy into his ball of frustrations and brings us through a wonderfully simple, but powerful, visualization. His ability to recognize the need in his day for something like this is noteworthy as well.

T Minus Two

A history lesson helping us remember to stay thankful for our tools.

Richard takes us on a tour of how blood sugar was measured before home glucose meters existed. Not only was it highly inaccurate, it was also old information and cumbersome to use. It serves as a great reminder to not take today's tools for granted.

Richard's Rambling Review

Valentine treats, air bubbles, and a marvelous quote.

Katy treats us to a view of Bubs' stash from school, some air bubbles in his pump tubing, and one of the best quotes I've seen about living life with diabetes. It's a trifecta of fun and pictures, and well worth checking out.

Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes

Taking education into her own hands.

A while back Colleen shared a story about her brother being diagnosed with pre-diabetes. In this post she talks about the partial education he received, and how she took it upon herself to finish what the doctor should have.


About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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