Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #19

They fly right out of the mouth sometimes.

Penny gives us a peek into an afternoon that didn't go so well for her. A long day coupled with frustrating blood sugars has her exclaiming things that she immediately regrets. It's a great example of what the pressures of diabetes can do to us.

A Sweet Grace

A huge dose of inspiration from someone who says we all have a story to tell.

Meri does it again with another amazing post that talks about inspiration, and the examples we have in our lives. She goes on to tell us that we are all inspiring, and that the world would benefit from everyone finding a platform from which to tell their story.

Our Diabetic Life

Driving with diabetes in Australia? More hoops than the rest of the world?

Renza writes a post about the challenges she's having while trying to deal with some new driving and diabetes guidelines. Taking us through her frustrating journey, she covers all of the twists and turns, roadblocks and obstacles she's navigating.


A bolus-worthy poem looking at what's at the end of our infusion tubing.

Scott gets all lyrical about his insulin pump, and it's almost sure to put a smile on your face. Everything from who's throwing the punches at highs to who exactly feels the occlusions that send our blood sugars flying. It's a fun trip of the tongue!

Rolling in the D

Hospital beds and skiing -- no, not what you're thinking.

Moira shares one of a parents worst nightmares; being unavailable when your child needs you. In a beautifully written story, she takes us through it all and has us worrying, laughing, being proud, and smiling with happiness. Moira finds something she lost, too.

Despite Diabetes

Life expectancy statements about living with diabetes, can we cancel them out?

Celine is an athlete to the core, and a recent article about diabetes in Canada got her all riled up. She wonders if the many healthy living habits she works so hard on does anything to the reported statistics. Heck, she wonders if those habits put her ahead of even people without diabetes!

Running on Carbs

Slipstreams, outdoor activities, people with diabetes, and Canada!

In another hat-tip to our friends in Canada, we have Alanna's post about the 5th Annual Winter Slipstream event put on by Connected in Motion. A bunch of people with type 1 diabetes got together to get active doing all sorts of winter activities. Looks like it was a blast!

Life on T1

Another perspective on the Slipstream weekend.

It's always good to hear about things from multiple perspectives, right? We're hoping this is not Canada overload for everyone, but we wanted to share another great post about the Slipstream weekend. This one is from our friend Scully, and she's even got some video coverage of the festivities.

Canadian D'Gal

Device interoperability and building things from Ikea?

Bennet has long been an advocate for getting our devices to talk to each other and for being able to look at our data together in the way we want to see it. This short blog post offers some great quotes and links talking about incorporating personal health devices, which very much applies to diabetes.

Your Diabetes May Vary

A terrifically educational experiment sheds light on living with Celiac disease.

Stephen took on one heck of a load when he decided he'd live as if he had Celiac disease for a week. In what amounts to an incredible service to many, he documented every step of his journey. It's an eye opening series of posts that is worth reading.

Happy Medium

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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Mike Hoskins says:

4 February 2013 at 12:48 pm

Thanks again for the great roundup, Scott! There were some on here that I'd actually pulled up to read and comment on, but then never got around to it and ended up losing track of them. So, thanks for the reminder and helping get word out about the great DOC writings!

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