Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #18

Insulindependence Media and Publications Director talks about her Ironman race.

Blair Ryan talks with A Sweet Life's Jessica Apple about her Ironman race in Arizona last November. We learn a lot about Blair, her diagnosis, her work with Insulindependence, and how she managed her diabetes while competing.

A Sweet Life

Learning about the VIAL project with Lee Ann Thill.

Blogger Kelly Kunik hosts a great interview with Lee Ann Thill who tells us all about the VIAL project, a research project that focuses on social media, art therapy, type 1 diabetes, and food and body image issues. The VIAL project is a judgement-free zone, and all levels of creative experience are welcome.


Keeping track of everything is a hard thing to do. Here's an idea that might help!

Nikki has reached a level of organization that many only dream of. She shares all of her secrets with us in this post where she talks about creating a disease binder and using it to stay organized. She's got everything from diagnosis records and lab results to small notes and articles.


An idea worth thinking about. What's your one-page profile?

Celine shares a neat idea that she's seen help many people across many disciplines. She's wondering if she might be able to apply the concept to her diabetes management, and is going to introduce the idea--her one-page profile--to her health care providers.

Running on Carbs

How is your control? Your diabetes control? What's that? Wrong word?

Elizabeth writes a great post that stemmed from a talk about adolescent psychology. She looks at the word "control," and what it means when applied to diabetes. It really sets a good perspective on our management and shifts us towards looking at what we can do.

Diabetes 24-7

Do you like honey? You might like this sweet metaphor.

Dolores has been struggling to get Ben's numbers in range. She tells us about how she's been adjusting and adjusting and adjusting, but not seeing anything budge for him. She learns an important lesson along the way, and is kind enough to share.

Rantings of a T1 Mom

Learning about staying healthy and seeking help.

Reading Scott's post should have you nodding your head in agreement and shaking your head at the outrageous systems we all have to work within.

Strangely Diabetic

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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