Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #17

An introduction to Dr. Ann Becker Shutte and her thoughts on coping.

Scott has talked a lot about his therapist and the value, growth, and insight he's gained through working with her. In this post we hear directly from his therapist. It's interesting to note the similarities she's seen through many different serious illnesses.

Strangely Diabetic

What we don't know about the A1c.

Wil Dubois opens the books about the all-important A1c test and we see that there has been a lot of controversy around how the tests are done, their importance to diabetes management, standards between testing locations, and even accuracy of each test.

Diabetes Mine

Thoughtful advice from a thoughtful parent.

Alexis gives us a list of seven (plus) thoughts around parenting a child with type 1 diabetes. These thoughts come from being in the trenches and tackling all sorts of situations. Not a medical to-do list, but more like a group of ideas that might help you maintain your sanity.

The Chronicles of D-Boy & Ribbon

Making mistakes and your child with diabetes.

James shares a story of being at a birthday party with his son and making a mistake while programming the insulin delivery for his little boy. He reflects on previous mistakes and questions how his son copes with these things. Does his trust waver?

A Sweet Life

Does the act of logging help diabetes management?

Shannon's doctor thinks people with diabetes are becoming less in tune with monitoring their diabetes by relying on all of our gadgets to capture information for us. Shannon plays around with some old school logging and thinks her doctor might be on to something.

No More Shots for Shannon

A little encouragement can go a long way!

Sarah tells a tale about a challenging mountain bike ride. In the midst of doubting her decisions, she gets the gift of some positive reinforcement from another biker on the course. She reflects on how that boosted her spirits, and how the diabetes online community often does the same.

La Osita Blog

One family's recipe for success with sleepovers.

Amy put together a great outline of what helped them through one of the most challenging activities for any parent of a child with type 1 diabetes: sleepovers! She covers everything from packing ahead of time to having a testing schedule copied for the hosting parents.

Naturally Sweet Sisters

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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