Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #16

What do hockey, diabetes, and persistence have in common?

They have Ryan in common! Announcing the culmination of a dream project, his post takes us through what gave him the advocacy bug, his ideas around the dream, a couple of hurdles he had to jump over, and the constant support of his wife.

The Diabetic Cyclist

Dealing with grief around diabetes.

Michelle digs in and takes a close look at grief and diabetes. It's something we don't often think about, or realize we are experiencing, but grief is a very real part of our lives with diabetes. This article talks about it from multiple perspectives and offers some helpful advice.

A Sweet Life

A book review with some practical examples.

Chris gives us a look at the idea behind a book called The Book of Better by Chuck Eichten. He shares how that idea can apply to a lot of areas, not just diabetes, and gives some practical examples from his life. The book is designed to make it an easy read, and Chris recommends it.

The Life of a Diabetic

What is and is not appropriate conversation around diabetes.

This post from Rachel should make you smile (also features a cameo from Mike Lawson). She talks about some awkward conversational questions she's gotten recently, and offers some suggestions about taking another approach.

Probably Rachel

Shining some light for a great guest on Conan.

Bennet is awesome at sharing information, and in this very short post he gives a couple links showing a recent guest on Conan who does some interesting art and sports her insulin pump and infusion set for the world to see!

Your Diabetes May Vary

Offering an apology to her body.

Sarah tells a tale of a crippling low blood sugar and the just-as-crippling recovery from it. It's a scary read because many of us can relate, at least to some degree, to the experience and the fear. Sometimes the instinctual survival feelings rock us to our core.

La Osita's Weblog

Does what we do matter to those without diabetes?

Kelly Kunik wonders about what we do, what we post, and how we interact online. Does it matter to those outside of the diabetes world? Do they pay any attention, or does it just slip right on by? She shares some great examples of people in her life who are noticing.


Yeah, you know, that DOES make sense.

Abby unleashes her blood sugar superpowers with some thoughts around blood sugar tests. A page full of weird observations that will leave you either completely baffled or nodding your head in agreement. Everything from basic hydration to gross finger-fluid, she covers it here.

Six Until Me

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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