Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #11, November 16, 2012

Escaping emotions and how one young PWD copes with his blood sugar numbers.

This is a powerful story of how Ben plays with numbers to help create a little emotional space between his blood sugars and their emotional value. It's an impressive feat for even a grown person to know all of this, but this young man is doing it all at a young age.

Rantings of a T1 Mom

The mechanics of diabetes are one thing, but there is another side that is often forgotten.

George Simmons takes us on a literal tour of his workplace while talking us through a figurative tour of the emotional side of diabetes. He asks for some recognition and room, some empathy and understanding. It's a great message that seems especially timely.


Do we make diabetes self-care look too easy?

Kayla paints a picture of the often visible trail that diabetes leaves. She asks some questions about how diabetes is perceived, and whether she makes it look easy. If others were given the same opportunity to educate and advocate, would they?

Kayla's Life Notes

Physical pain in the name of physical well-being for your child is heartbreaking.

A routine visit to the lab for Penny & Grace leaves them shaken up and determined to do things differently next time. Everything happened so fast that Penny didn't really have time to react the way she wanted to, and before she knew it things were rolling downhill.

A Sweet Grace

Hockey and highs mean that these guys had to pull a line change for snack time.

Speaking of heartbreak, Carey talks about a recent hockey game where his son's blood sugar didn't cooperate. The pain of passing out snacks to everyone except his son was almost more than he could deal with. Even with the energy drain of that high BG, Charlie was skating with the best of them.

dLife Blogabetes

World Diabetes Day scavenger hunt gets the whole crew into the action.

Nicole and her family participated in a photo scavenger hunt from the Connected in Motion group. In this picture-packed post we get to follow along on their wild adventure! They are spreading activity and advocacy all over with this.

The We Cara Lot Blog

Taking d-blog day in her own direction provides us all with a great post for the media.

Sara takes a slightly different tone in her entry for diabetes blog day, where the assignment was to write a post directed at a media outlet about diabetes. Her approach is a welcome and open one, inviting discussion and collaboration.

Moments of Wonderful

We've all heard of the "Food Police", but maybe not from this perspective.

Once again, Scott gets us thinking. He writes about some of the challenges he faced with food and caring relatives while hunkering down from Hurricane Sandy. There is the typical "food police" stuff so many of us are used to, but he gives us a little twist on the scenario to keep it interesting.

Rolling in the D

Stepping up and speaking for patients at a FDA advisory committee.

Bennet spends some time gaining perspective on another side of patient engagement. He shares some key learning and an eye-opening perspective from this meeting, and asks some tough questions about how we, as patients, plan to become a part of the process.

Your Diabetes May Vary

A familiar routine carries a little more weight this time around.

Jess talks about the significance of refilling her pump reservoir with insulin on World Diabetes Day, and reflects on the story of the discovery of insulin. Celebrating the birthday of Dr. Banting by saying an extra "thank you" seems pretty appropriate.

Me and D

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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