Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #7, October 19, 2012

Life with diabetes, connecting with others, and activity.

Scully does her part to encourage others to get connected and active. In this post she raves about a group in Canada doing great things on both fronts. They are called Connected in Motion, and have become a great resource for many people in the area. What is the next event for Scully? Trampoline dodgeball. How awesome does that sound?

Canadian D-gal

Many things in life cut both ways.

Chris's post really hit something for me. With all of the information we have, and the push for more accurate information, is it helping us or just making us more aware of how bad we're doing? On those bad days, being able to see just how bad things are may drive us into a deep and dark place. Is ignorance bliss? Probably not. But neither is having constant reminders of the bad stuff.

A Consequence of Hypoglycemia

Asking some tough questions about diabetes management goals in children.

James Ron writes a great post asking some really tough questions. Is the micromanagement that diabetes seems to require really worth the price we pay for it? Having gone through a handful of approaches while living in different regions, James looks for substantiated answers, and keeps coming up empty.

A Sweet Life

Important stakeholders in diabetes data seem to be completely ignored or forgotten.

Bennet Dunlap has long been an advocate for standards in the world of diabetes data. In this post he talks about a couple of articles he read that make the case for common diabetes data sets. Covering a wide array of players in the diabetes management game, these discussions seem to be missing one of the most important members.

Your Diabetes May Vary

Learning from our care team seems normal, but are there things they could learn from us?

Alanna writes some great points around what diabetes health care professionals can learn from the diabetes online community. While they fill a critical role in our management, there are many aspects of our care (and our lives) that they could become better at acknowledging and supporting.

Life on T1

Counting on nutrition labels might not be as clear cut as we think.

In another magnificent piece at A Sweet Life, Catherine Price shares some surprising facts about nutrition labels, their history, their regulations, and their accuracy. It a brilliant read and might open your eyes to just how complicated things are.

A Sweet Life

An antidote to fear when it comes to health? Diabetes may not fit the recipe.

Prompted by something she saw, Kim Vlasnik takes a deeper look at information around diabetes, and more specifically the expectations put on patients with that information. Does the information help us? Yes. Does it also overwhelm us? Absolutely. There are a lot of emotions around the information we deal with, and I love Kim's take on it.

Texting My Pancreas

Taking on a huge challenge in a very hostile environment.

Jeff Mather, along with a bunch of brave souls, are riding in the Death Valley JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes this weekend. It's a 105 mile course with expected high temperatures between 100 and 111 Fahrenheit. That distance and those temperatures would challenge the best of the best, but these amazing athletes are going to be managing diabetes along the way as well.

Jeff Mather's Dispatches

Grief and diabetes diagnosis.

Bridget shares her thoughts on the common stages of grief and how those applied to her and her family when her son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It's a moving post that sheds light on what things are like for a parent and a family going through such a tough thing.

Life With Type 1 Diabetes

Ever forgotten whether you've taken your shot or not? This simple tool might help.

Kerri and Chris team up to share some thoughts on an insulin pen cap with a built in timer. It's called Timesulin. The post features a couple of different perspectives on such a tool, which was a fun way to learn about how each of them used the pen-top gadget.

Six Until Me

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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