Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #5, October 5, 2012

Using a diabetes success pyramid to push towards better diabetes management.

Ryan shares one of the tools he uses to set diabetes management goals. I love the idea here, and am already thinking of what goals I would include for myself. Take a look at his diabetes success pyramid and see if the concept might work for you as well.

The Diabetic Cyclist

Sometimes insurance approval isn't the only hurdle when it comes to getting diabetes supplies.

Sara discusses the not-so-wonderful moments that occurred when trying to get her test strips. She has insurance coverage for them, but has been wrestling with the pharmacy to actually receive what she's ordered. After several phone calls, calling out the pharmacy on Twitter, and even more phone calls, she's still without her supplies.

Moments of Wonderful

Investigating a personal, historic treasure leads to the discovery of a powerful message.

Kelly Kunik cracks open an old book on diabetes that belonged to her father (who also lived with type 1 diabetes). Showing signs of being well-loved, with many dog-eared pages and notes, along with little spots of blood, Kelly found a strong message in the book.


Covering the cornerstones of diabetes management on a budget.

David Mendosa pens an article about staying healthy with diabetes on a tight budget. He talks about stress management, physical activity, medication and diet. David encourages some investment in these areas to avoid problems in the future.

Health Central

Do you have foods that are difficult on your blood sugar, but worth the trouble?

Karen breaks down a few items on her list of bolus-worthy foods. She also shares a handful of foods that are never bolus-worthy, like soda or orange juice, and some that are almost always, like cupcakes from Crumbs bakery.


Want a podcast packed with diabetes information to go along with all of these blog posts?

Tony Rose offers a weekly podcast with a variety of guests. This episode features Gary Scheiner, a certified diabetes educator who lives with type 1 diabetes. Gary is the author of Think Like a Pancreas, a very popular book about life with diabetes.

Blogging Diabetes

Even pioneers need support sometimes.

Kathy White had an islet cell transplant in 2008, and has been recording her experiences since then. She's going through some challenging times with her medication regime, and could use some support and encouragement. She has benefited greatly from this trial and procedure, but we should not forget about the risk and sacrifice she made to move this research forward.

My New Islets

New insulin pump hits the streets, and we're all curious about it.

Melissa offers a great overview of her new Tandem t:slim insulin pump. Her post includes pictures, including comparisons screenshots of her other, older pumps. Find out what Melissa thinks about her new pump.

Sweetly Voiced

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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