Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #3, September 21, 2012

It's that time of year again! Monday is Diabetes Art Day.

Whether it is sketching or doodling, painting or sculpting, you can participate in the third annual Diabetes Art Day. Lee Ann Thill launched this great idea three years ago, and it has been wildly successful. There are no rules, no guidelines and no expectations. Just get into some art and express your diabetes feelings through art. Need some inspiration? Have a look at galleries from prior years (2010, 2011)

Diabetes Art Day

Dealing with sports injuries isn't always limited to physical rehabilitation.

Scully talks about a handful of recent sports injuries and how she's had to slow down to heal and recover. The drastic change in activity has not been kind to her mental state or her blood sugars. Did you know that there is a thing called injury depression? Scully is living it right now, and she could use a little support.

Canadian D-Gal

Learn about one person's journey towards acceptance, responsibility and finding the online community.

Laura Kolodjeski at Discuss Diabetes talks with Bob Pedersen about his diagnosis and how he connected with the online community. Wrestling with feelings of guilt and drowning in this new world of medical information, Bob put his education to work for him. Finding a handful of resources online started him on a path of learning, sharing and connecting.

Discuss Diabetes

Check out this creative way to both recycle and treat lows.

Reyna shares one of the ways she keeps fast acting sugar available. She also shows her detective skills to figure out which one of her kids was raiding the stash. In true veteran fashion, she waits for the perfect opportunity to turn up the heat and sweat a confession from the guilty party.

Beta Buddies

A low blood sugar slowed things down enough to take in the surrounding beauty.

Adjoa struggles with a low blood sugar right in the middle of exploring the Louvre Museum. Unable to avoid the interruption, she took a moment to treat her low and gaze out the window. She was moved by the beautiful scene, and reflects on the interruption bringing all of that beauty to her attention.

A Girl's Reflections

On insulin, off insulin, back on insulin, in type 1 diabetes? What's the story?

Author and contributor for A Sweet Life, Alex O'Meara talks a little bit about his experiences in a trial at the University of Virginia testing implanted islet cells. While he is now back on insulin, he takes much less insulin and has recovered his awareness of lows. He's written a book about it and the general clinical research.

A Sweet Life

Do the words 'type 1 diabetes' and 'manned spaceflight' roll easily off the tongue in your world?

In April's world, they do! Read this great post about some of the training she's doing, which includes simulating a water escape from a crashed helicopter. Upside down. In the dark. With 85mph winds, rain, and choppy seas.

Nerdy April's Space Adventures

Sometimes opening the flood gates is just what you need.

Diabetesaliciousness blogger Kelly Kunik shares an emotionally charged story about her last endocrinology appointment. When things weren't going as she'd hoped the tears started to fall. Once things opened up for her, she let it all out. Her care team rallied around her and buoyed her spirits. She came away from the appointment with three key reflections, which she shares in this post.


Ever wanted to do some Q & A with the FDA?

Bennet Dunlap is a magnificent advocate for the diabetes community at large when it comes to interactions with the FDA. In this piece he shares an exchange he had with the FDA specifically around diabetes and the Low Glucose Suspend movement.

Your Diabetes May Vary

A new insulin pump with a color, touchscreen display has hit the streets.

Bill Woods from MyGlu.org gives a fun and detailed look at the new t:slim Insulin Delivery System from Tandem Diabetes Care. Bill shares some insightful points about insulin pumping in general, and talks about why he chose this particular pump. With all of that information, and a bunch of great pictures, it is a great overview.


About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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Wendy Rose says:

21 September 2012 at 10:51 pm

AWESOME!!!!Love the round up...Great Bloggers, Great advocacy, Great Job!

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