Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #1, September 7, 2012

What happens when your motivation is in short supply?

Amy Gonsalves at Diabetes Outside discusses motivation and what happens when it's in short supply. She uses exercise as the backdrop for this discussion, framing her experience as a professional trainer as a jumping point for talking about motivation. Ultimately, motivation may boil down to routine, taking care of her diabetes because that is what she has to do.

Diabetes Outside

Type 1 diabetes and outdoor activity north of the border?

Scully discusses her recent indoor rock climbing adventure with Connected in Motion, an organization that connects people with type 1 diabetes. Most importantly, Scully notes how these community events not only create an atmosphere of support, but lay the foundation for new friendships.

Canadian D-gal

Is it possible to have ketones without high blood sugars?

Type 1 veteran and blogger, Scott Strange, shares an experience where a new medication started playing games with his hydration, which in turn, started playing games with ketones. Did you know that it is possible to spill ketones without running really high blood sugars?

Strangely Diabetic

Improving on a personal best is inspiring.

Jeff Mather is quite a guy. Super smart, very funny, down to earth, and an athlete to boot. He also lives with type 1 diabetes. In this post he talks about how hard work, lots of training and some pretty impressive willpower led to him beating his goal time in a half-Ironman event.

Jeff Mather's Dispatches

Is it acceptable for jails and prisons to decide on medical treatments?

George Simmons asks some hard questions about a person with type 1 diabetes who is in jail and is often getting his mealtime injections three hours after eating. Is this acceptable? Do we write off this citizen altogether because of his crimes? Or does everyone deserve adequate medical care?


Exercising with kids in tow takes exactly that, towing them.

Kerri Sparling knows that exercise is an important part of her self-care, but finds it difficult to carve out the time with a beautiful toddler keeping her busy. In this post, she shares of her first experience pulling her little one behind her bike with a bicycle trailer. It's like having a co-pilot back there to watch her CGM for her.

Six Until Me

A couple of industry updates including meter communication and iPhone apps.

Bennet Dunlap regularly updates readers on device and technology advancements. Medtronic and Bayer recently announced the new Contour Next Link glucose meter is available in the US, while Lilly Diabetes announced the release of a new mobile app for healthcare providers and caregivers of individuals with type 1 diabetes.

Your Diabetes May Vary

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004.

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