My journey with diabetes

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in September of 2008, when a blood test during a routine physical showed elevated blood sugar. My doctor recommended a glucose tolerance test, which revealed that the diagnosis. I met with my doctor and a nurse practitioner who was well-versed in treatment of diabetes. They showed me how to use a glucose meter and gave me some advice about diet.

They also recommended that I take diabetic education classes that were offered by the local hospital. Those classes were extremely helpful in educating me about carbohydrate intake, portion control, medication, exercise regimen, and all the other things I needed to know to manage the disease.

My diabetes journey started with losing weight

My doctor prescribed metformin and told me that I needed to keep my blood sugar between 90 and 130 fasting and below 180 two hours after meals. When I was diagnosed, my A1c was 7.1 and I weighed 233 pounds. The first order of business was to shed some pounds. By keeping track of my carbohydrate intake and managing my portion control, along with walking for exercise, I was able to lose weight fairly rapidly. After losing 40 pounds, I was able to stop taking the Metformin and keep my blood sugar well within the designated range. My A1c dropped to 5.7 six months after my diagnosis.

One of the things that helped me the most was keeping a daily log of my carbohydrate intake, blood sugar levels, weight, and exercise. Being comfortable with computers, I used an Excel spreadsheet to keep my log. However, a written diary would work just as well.

I have recently had friends and relatives tell me that they have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and ask for advice. I told them what worked for me, and I want to use this blog to help even more people who may be trying to cope with their diagnosis. It is not only a physical problem, but also a psychological shock to learn that your lifestyle must change drastically in order to maintain your health and avoid serious complications. I hope that my advice here will ease my readers' minds as well as help them improve their physical well-being.

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