I am a man in transition

I am a man in transition.

This statement not only explains my current physical, but psychological well-being and will probably define the nature of my writing in the coming months. It will directly inform who I am and help me introduce myself to you.

I have been a diabetic for about 14 years now. That I do know for sure but the rest is up in the air.

The start of my diabetes journey

If you asked me three months ago, I would have gladly told you that I was a type 2 diabetic but ask me the same question today and I would not have an answer for you because I simply do not know myself. At diagnosis, as my recently acquired medical records show, I was determined to be a type one diabetic. I was in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) at the time and I was placed on insulin soon after--beginning my journey with diabetes.

Fast forward three years. I have always assumed my diagnosis changed because a different doctor placed me on the oral diabetes medication Actos, which I have always though was a treatment for type 2 diabetes but I suppose I was wrong after looking at his notes.

As you can see I am on the hunt, getting medical record after medical record because somewhere along the line in my long diabetic life, someone decided I was a type 2 diabetic. On oral medications alone to start (Actos and then metformin), they only worked for a while before I chose to get back on insulin.

Type 1? Type 2? Trying to figure it out

Effective diabetes management is based on having the right combination of medications, diet and exercise. Miss on one and it makes it that much harder to corral those high blood sugars. Am I type 1 or am I type 2? Am I taking the right medications? As a type 2, I am. As a type 1, I am not. And, this seems to be causing some level of havoc to my health.

Until I have my complete medical history, have an endocrinologist review it, and then decide the best course of treatment, I will remain a main in transition.

Is my story unique? Maybe. But, I do know my story needs to be told and that is why I started raising awareness for diabetes. Today, there are numerous components to the disease that need to be addressed, with misdiagnosed being just one of them.

We as patients need to speak up. If we don't, then no one else will. So, please join me to help raise awareness about diabetes and its complicated issues. 

About Ronnie Gregory

Ronnie Gregory is a blogger and avid diabetes activist. He is dedicated to helping others living with diabetes. Follow him on The Diabetes Collective to hear his story and learn about raising awareness about diabetes.

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