Fighting diabetes misconceptions

When someone asks me why I am pricking my finger, injecting insulin, counting carbs or doing any of the other daily activities I use to treat my disease, I always say that I have diabetes. And, if someone shows a deeper interest other than a passing fancy, I will then go ahead and explain the inner workings of it.

In the years since I have been a diabetic, I have come to realize that most people don't understand diabetes and are caught up with misconceptions about the disease.

10 diabetes misconceptions

I ask you. How many times have you heard any of these infuriating statements about dealing with diabetes?

  1. "You can cure it easily"

  2. "Just stop eating sugar, sweets or chocolate"

  3. "Stop drinking soda"

  4. "Stop eating fried foods"

  5. "Lose some weight"

  6. "You should try this diet"

  7. "Stop being a couch potato"

  8. "Use this home remedy"

  9. "That's not that serious of a disease"

  10. "Just change your lifestyle and you will be fine"

And, my favorite comment: "Are you sure you are diabetic because you do not look it at all."

I have to admit, even after so many years of dealing with these ignorant comments, it still makes my blood boil every time I hear them.

For the newly diagnosed I can pretty much guarantee that you may in encounter such a person. Yet, maybe you already have and if you did not react in anger, then you are a better person than me. For the rest of us the most other common response is feelings of guilt.

It is not your fault

Let me unequivocally tell you that it is now, has never been and will never be your fault that you contracted diabetes. This has to be your mantra. However, I am sad to say this won't stop finger pointing or the blame of others, but what it can do is help you develop a thicker skin, allowing you to control your attitude and reactions when you hear negative comments or questions.

I would like to leave you with these two quotes:

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain.. and most fools do" - Dale Carnegie

"Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference" - Mark Twain

About Ronnie Gregory

Ronnie Gregory is a blogger and avid diabetes activist. He is dedicated to helping others living with diabetes. Follow him on The Diabetes Collective to hear his story and learn about raising awareness about diabetes.

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