Does sleeping with high BG's affect sleep quality?

I over-treated a low blood sugar that woke me up last night. It hit me hard, and even logically knowing the panic and worry were unnecessary, I couldn't help but eat way more than I needed. I even tried to cover the extra food by taking extra insulin (seems weird during a low, doesn't it?). But I didn't get my calculations right and woke up with a blood sugar of 286 mg/dl. A quick look at my continuous glucose monitor showed that I had been high most of the night, and had responded to multiple "High" alerts in my sleep.

Do high blood sugars mean not getting proper sleep?

I got a lot of sleep last night. More than enough to feel rested. But I am really dragging today. I feel exhausted and could take a serious nap, maybe two. All day long I've been trying to figure out why I'm so tired. The low blood sugar interrupted my sleep, but I couldn't have been awake for more than thirty minutes. I also feel like I fell back to sleep quickly, and slept sound for the rest of the night. I should be feeling fine right now.

But I am so tired that I know something isn't right. Is it possible that high blood sugars affect sleep quality somehow? Everything I've been able to find talks about high blood sugars causing interruptions from getting up to use the bathroom, but I didn't get up even a single time. I'm wondering if there is more to it? Maybe running high keeps you from experiencing a proper pattern of REM and Non-REM sleep stages?

I often feel bad when exercising while high. My performance and recovery seem to be affected by my blood sugar being out of range. With that in mind, it seems logical to think that highs might play games with sleep stages, too.

I'd love to hear what you think about it.

About Scott K Johnson

Scott K. Johnson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. He has been writing about his struggles and successes with diabetes since late 2004. Follow Scott on Twitter @scottkjohnson.

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Cheryl says:

27 June 2013 at 3:19 pm

Absolutely, high blood sugars keep me awake at night and I don't fall back asleep until they go below a certain number. However, they don't seem to affect my sleep quality--I can function on little sleep so I often read or do work while I'm waiting it out.

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