DBlog Week 2012

DBlog Week 2012 has arrived! Our friend Karen at Bitter~Sweet has been working tirelessly to organize and promote this year's event. We're excited to hear that over 200 bloggers have signed up for the third annual DBlog week. At Diabetes Monitor, our blog--The Diabetes Collective--is a newcomer to not only DBlog week but to the blogging world as well.

We invite you to join us as our bloggers, Shannon, Scott, Roger and Ronnie submit posts at both The Diabetes Collective and their own blogs. It is sure to be a great week.

DBlog 2012 topic list

Find a Friend - Monday, 5/14

One Great Thing - Tuesday, 5/15

One Thing to Improve - Wednesday, 5/16

Fantasy Diabetes Device - Thursday, 5/17

What They Should Know - Friday, 5/18

Saturday Snapshots - Saturday, 5/19

Diabetes Hero - Sunday, 5/20

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