With my diabetes, any foods that I can eat as much as I want?

Question: With my diabetes, are there any foods that I can eat as much as I want?

Answer: Not really. Even fat free foods have calories which add up. Granted, for 200 calories, you could eat a much greater amount of say, broccoli or air popped popcorn than you could chicken, but if you're goal is to only eat foods of which you can eat very large quantities you may miss out on many valuable nutrients . You may find it helpful to change your thinking from "eating as much as I can" to "how many different foods can I eat."

This should result in a much more well-rounded diet which includes a variety of nutrients, tastes, and textures. Try to group foods into "those I should eat more of" and "those I should eat less of." Certainly take advantage of those fiber-filled, nutrient-dense, low calorie foods such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and popcorn to form the basis of your meals and snacks. Then garnish them with higher calorie, yet still valuable lean protein, low fat dairy, and healthy fat foods.

NOTE: Blood glucose level responses vary from food to food and person to person. If you have any questions or concerns about your diet, be sure to discuss them with your physician.

If you are prescribed new medications, be sure to ask your physician or pharmacist about potential food-drug interactions.


About Heidi McIndoo

Heidi McIndoo, MS is a registered dietitian who has been counseling women, men, and children about healthy eating for twenty years. She firmly believes food should be enjoyed and all foods can fit into a healthy diet -- it's just a matter of how much and how often.

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