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Do you have a question about diabetes? DiabetesMonitor's three experts, Jill Weisenberger, MS, RD, CDE, Heidi McIndoo, MS, RD, and Catherine Estipona, MSN APN are here to answer your questions. Remember, not all questions will be answered. However, check back frequently as our experts will be answering questions on a regular basis.

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In this diabetes Q&A, Heidi responds to a commonly asked question: can diabetics eat peanut butter?

Does taking insulin lead to weight gain? In this diabetes Q&A, our Certified Diabetes Educator, Jill, sheds some light on insulin and weight gain.

In this diabetes Q&A, Heidi answers one very important question: Can diabetics eat pizza? Find out how you can use healthier toppings to get the most out of your pizza cravings, how often you should be indulging, and more.

In this diabetes Q&A, Jill answers a question regarding acanthosis nigricans and sugar. Can eating too much sugar lead to developing the skin disorder, where discoloration appears often in the folds of skin?

In this diabetes Q&A, our registered dietitian, Heidi McIndoo tackles the question: "Can diabetics eat oatmeal." Find out what she has to say.

In this week's diabetes Q&A, our certified diabetes educator, Jill Weisenberg, investigates a commonly asked question: "When should I check my blood sugars after eating?" Find out what Jill has to say.

In this week's diabetes Q&A, our family practitioner Catherine, shares some tips for helping a loved one through a diabetes diagnosis.

It is a commonly asked question: "How many carbs am I allowed to eat per day?" From your activity level to your dietary needs, there are several elements that can impact the answer to the question, says our diabetes expert, Jill Weisenberger.

Popcorn. A favorite treat of millions of Americans, sold at movie theatres and ballparks across the country. But, what about those with diabetes? Can we eat diabetes? Yes, says diabetes expert Heidi McIndoo.

In this Q&A, Jill discusses commercial diet plans, specifically if they are good for individuals with diabetes. Find out whether or not Jill recommends them today.

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