Controlling blood sugars after a type 2 diabetes diagnosis

Question: I'm feeling lost after my recent type 2 diabetes diagnosis. The information overload has started and I'm completely overwhelmed, especially when it comes to my blood sugars. Where do I start?

Answer: Being diagnosed with diabetes is shocking and, in most cases, completely overwhelming. However, as I tell my patients on a daily basis, diabetes is a disease that can be controlled and is very treatable. Initially, your blood sugars may fluctuate in the beginning, especially as you and your medical provider work on your diet and the type of medicines needed to get your blood sugars down.

One of the first thing I do is to create a game plan for my patient. To get your blood sugars down, you need the right people to support you besides your own medical provider. That means building a health care team. Other health care members like a nutritionist or registered dietitian are good members to add.

I think it is important to see patients weekly and have them return with their blood sugar results so we can both identify what needs changing. I usually give my patient appropriate guidelines on what their fasting blood sugars ranges should be based on their age. A true indication of blood sugars being better controlled is actually having them be more consistent.

About Catherine Estipona

Catherine Estipona, MSN APN provides family-centered care as a Family Nurse Practitioner. In addition to her day-to-day care of patients, she serves as a Diabetic Educator in the state of Nevada for Lilly USA, LLC, a pharmaceutical company.

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