Are there any good type 2 diabetes snacks?

Question: Are there any good type 2 diabetes snacks? Do I need to snack throughout the day to keep my blood sugars in check?

Answer: Snacking is a great way to keep blood sugars in line. When you go too long between meals without snacks in between, your blood sugars drop and you also get very hungry. The next time you do eat, you're more likely to overeat, causing blood sugars to spike. And, if you go a long time between meals again, it's a never ending cycle of very high and very low blood sugars. One goal in diabetes control is to keep your blood sugar as steady as you can -- think flat-lands vs mountains and valleys. Choosing healthy snacks between meals get prevent both the dips in blood sugar and the intense hunger that comes from going to long without eating. In doing that, you should be able to control your eating better come your next meal and therefore your blood sugar is less likely to spike so high.

Healthy snack choices for type 2 diabetes

The key however is to choose your snacks wisely. To achieve the desired effects on both blood sugar and appetite, snacks should be based on lean protein and whole grains, not sugar or sodium filled junk food. A few examples of healthy snacks include the following:

  • Raw veggies with hummus
  • Whole grain crackers with peanut butter and fresh fruit
  • Greek yogurt with fresh fruit
  • Nuts and fresh fruit
  • Reduced fat cheese and whole grain crackers

Happy snacking!

NOTE: If you receive a new medication, be sure to ask your pharmacist or physician about possible food-drug interactions.


About Heidi McIndoo

Heidi McIndoo, MS is a registered dietitian who has been counseling women, men, and children about healthy eating for twenty years. She firmly believes food should be enjoyed and all foods can fit into a healthy diet -- it's just a matter of how much and how often.


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