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Scott K. Johnson

7 diabetes apps for your smartphone

Here is a list of seven diabetes apps for smartphones that can help with diabetes management, blood sugar and diet tracking, and more.

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Scheiner Book

Cheryl Alkon reviews Gary Scheiner's new book, Until There Is a Cure.

Aimee Hosler

New diabetes technology continues to hit the market. Find out why you should pay attention to these 7 diabetes health tech startups in 2013.

Diabetes self-management includes undergoing routine tests and exams. Download our health maintenance schedule to keep track of your results for each of your tests, from the A1c to lipid panels.

Healthy living tips sheet

Healthy living with diabetes is definitely a juggling act. Download this healthy living tips sheet as a reminder of the steps to take to stay ahead in your diabetes management.


State-based diabetes prevention and control programs are funded by the CDC and work to improve quality diabetes care, advocate for positive public policy changes and more.

The following is a list of government diabetes websites that include information about diabetes or are health-related in nature.

Nonprofit diabetes organizations work at the community level to increase diabetes awareness, raise money for a cure and impact their spheres of influence at a local level.

Often, living with diabetes can be isolating. That is why connecting with others living with diabetes is so important. From receiving encouragement to tips about the latest products, information shared through diabetes support groups can be invaluable. Learn about support groups, how to find them and about new online support groups including Diabetes Sisters and TuDiabetes.

Heidi McIndoo

Discussing your eating habits with an RD is a simple process, yet could potentially lead to both improved diabetes control and greater variety in and enjoyment from your eating.

Jill Weisenberger

Living with diabetes can be difficult and confusing. From managing your medications to eating the right diet, testing your sugars to getting enough physical activity, the day-to-day life can be frustrating. Learn how a Certified Diabetes Educator can provide the support you need to get you back on track.



Getting all the information we need to deal with diabetes is not always an easy task. Our physicians or endocrinologists may not have enough time to answer all of our questions. So, where to turn? How about the Diabetes Teaching Center at the University of California San Francisco. Keep reading to learn more about the DTC and their educational classes, including online courses.

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