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Scott K. Johnson

10 ways to get type 1 diabetes, exercise and you on the same page

It is no secret: Exercising with type 1 diabetes can be difficult, frustrating and downright impossible at times. Although there isn't a handy manual, Scott shares 10 things he has figured out about getting his diabetes and exercise on the same page.

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Staying healthy and in shape is vital when you have diabetes, including type 2. Exercise regularly to not only improve your blood glucose levels, but to improve your overall quality of life. Keep reading for five tips for exercising with type 2 diabetes and for pointers on how to keep your diabetes under control when you exercise.



Want to exercise but not splurge on a gym membership. Consider these eight simple ways to work exercise into your daily routine and take advantage of the exercise opportunities all arond you.

Finding the motivation to exercise is playing hide-and-seek with you? Don't fret. Here are four engaging--and easy--ways to discover that motivation and incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

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