Diabetes diet and nutritional guidance

Heidi McIndoo

10 diabetes cookbooks to keep in your kitchen

Think diabetes cookbooks are filled with plain, tasteless recipes with portions not big enough to satisfy a mouse?  Think again: this list of books can help anyone achieve nutritious yet delicious meals. 

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For many, developing healthy eating behaviors can be challenging. Gradually, these behaviors become habits, producing positive results, But, there are several eating pitfalls that could prevent you from staying on track. Here are five common diet mistakes to avoid.

If you have diabetes, you probably know to avoid sweets and processed "white" grains that can lead to rapid rises in blood sugar.  Find out if there are any foods that lower blood sugars.

When trying to follow specific nutrition guidelines, eating the same old foods day in and day out can get old. With a little planning, you can create a variety of simple and enjoyable diabetic menus. Learn how today.


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