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10 diabetes cookbooks to keep in your kitchen

Think diabetes cookbooks are filled with plain, tasteless recipes with portions not big enough to satisfy a mouse?  Think again: this list of books can help anyone achieve nutritious yet delicious meals. 

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Individuals who are overweight or obese are at elevated risks for developing type 2 diabetes. Learn how the body mass index can shed some light on the connection between obesity and developing diabetes.

On average, it costs $12,000 per year for someone to manage their diabetes. Even with insurance, diabetes costs continue to increase. Keep reading for five ways to lower the costs associated with your diabetes care.

Indeed, the holidays can be fraught with foodie temptations. Combating those temptations? Easier said than done. Here are five ways to make sure your blood glucose levels stay intact during the holiday season.

Stress can lead to a number of adverse effects, such as stroke or heart attack. For individuals with diabetes, stress can also affect blood glucose levels. Keeping stress under control is vital to not only good diabetes management, but a healthy lifestyle as well.

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