Nova Diabetes Care announces test strip savings program for uninsured

Nova Diabetes Care offers an Instant Savings Card to reduce the cost of test strips for its meters, the Nova Max® Plus and the Nova Max Link™. The savings card does not require activation, allows for unlimited refills of test strips and never expires. Since its launch, the card was only available for individuals with insurance, effectively lowering the cost of test strips to as low as $15 per vial.

Recently, the company announced in a press release it is extending the benefits of the savings card to individuals without insurance. For the uninsured or those paying with cash, the card can be used to reduce the cost of test strips to $20 per vial.

Get your Nova Max Instant Savings Card

Customers can acquire a savings card in two ways:

  1. The cards are packaged with individual Nova Max meter kits
  2. Call Nova Biomedical’s customer care at 800-681-7390

Nova Max test strips are compatible with both meters, the Nova Max® Plus and Nova Max Link™ and can be found through mail order companies as well as from major retailers such as Amazon.com and Walgreens.

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