LifeScan recalling OneTouch Verio IQ glucose meters

LifeScan, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company,  recently announced it is starting a voluntary recall and replacement program for all of its OneTouch Verio IQ glucose meters in the United States. LifeScan, Inc. is recalling the meters because they fail to provide warnings for extremely high glucose level readings at or above 1024 mg/dl and will shut off.

"Our patients' safety is our number one priority," said Dr. Michael Pfeifer, LifeScan's chief medical officer in a press release. "We regret the inconvenience these actions may cause. However, we will always err on the side of caution and make a decision that is the best interest of our patients."

There are approximately 90,000 OneTouch Verio IQ users in the U.S., according to LifeScan. Current users may continue to test with their meters while waiting for a replacement. LifeScan does advise users to contact a health care professional if the meter turns off unexpectedly during testing, as this could be a possible sign of extreme hyperglycemia.

Current OneTouch Verio IQ users are encouraged to contact LifeScan Customer Support at (800) 717-0276 to get a replacement meter issued. Customer service representatives are available between 8 AM and 10 PM EST Monday through Sunday.

LifeScan Customer Service: (800) 717-0725

LifeScan website:

Read the complete press release

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