GlucoTel: Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitoring

Question: What do you get when you combine all the favorite features of a cell phone with a glucose meter? The answer is GlucoTel, a gadget that wirelessly transmits glucose readings to an online diary, eliminating the hassle of recording daily test results.

What is GlucoTel?

According to information from BodyTel Scientific, the developer and distributor of GlucoTel, the device is used for automatic documentation of blood sugar, food intake, medicine dosages and exercise. When using the GlucoTel device, each reading is robotically recorded in a private diary via SMS or a Bluetooth-connected device.

How does GlucoTel work?

GluctoTel works by combining at least two essential pieces: The actual GlucoTel meter with Bluetooth technology, the BodyTel Mobile app, Web-based portal for GlucoTel users. The BodyTel Mobile app is compatible with a number of cell phones and is available for download in the Apple App Store.

A unique feature of GlucoTel is that readings can also be sent to doctors and other members of a patient's diabetes care team, making the readings immediately available for remote monitoring. GlucoTel is an example of the emerging telemedicine industry, which thrives on the development and "delivery of any healthcare service or transmission of wellness information using telecommunications technology," according to information from the American Telemedicine Association.

Why use GlocoTel?

GlucoTel offers users a hassle-free way to take and record daily blood sugar readings. While patients in Europe have been able to use GlucoTel since it hit the market there in 2007, the device has not gained approval from the US Food and Drug Administration as of December 2011.

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About Laura Isaacs

Laura L. Isaacs studied at Indiana University and has worked in print and online media for almost 10 years. Laura has provided health-related content for media outlets including Fox Interactive (via Canvas News and EndPlay). Additionally, she has a family history of diabetes and is passionate about sharing information to help readers cope with this disease.

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